Google Banned Adsense Accounts in Pakistan After Rehman Malik?s Statement

Hindi po ito Official Statement o kung ano pa man, nagkataon lang na maraming nagrereklamo ngayon tungkol sa pagkaka-banned nila sa Google AdSense at nabasa ko ito sa isang site…


After the ridiculous statement on 18th September 2011 by Federal Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik, Google has started a crackdown against Pakistani Adsense Publishers.

Abdul Rehman Malik stated that the Pakistan Government reserves the right to ban Google and YouTube in Pakistan if the Google Administrators did not assist them in their criminal investigation.

Adsense is an online Contextual Advertising Program and Google is serving it worldwide, Pakistan is one of the top countries where all levels, from Student to Businessmen were earning 1000’s of dollars per month. Adsense was becoming one of the most popular online jobs, infect online Business in Pakistan, and was gaining popularity rapidly.

Some of the Pakistani Publishers were earning from US$1000 ? US$10,000 per month and more with Google Adsense. But mostly, there was an average of US$100 to US$500 per month. Majority of Adsense Publishers are Students, they are working for Google Adsense in their Part time and earning pocket money to afford extra expenses for themselves.

But last month after that irresponsible statement from Federal Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik, Google has started a serious crackdown against Pakistani Adsense Publishers; they are banning and disabling thousands of Adsense Publishers regularly on daily basis. Google is not even answering to those banned account holders that why theya??ve disabled their Adsense accounts, they are not even answering to the Appeal Form, by which Adsense Publishers had a chance to reinstate their banned or disabled accounts.

Google has disabled the old accounts too, even 5-7 years old accounts too, My own account was 6+ years old and I was earning about US$200 per month with it. I was working with Google Adsense for about 5 years now and there was no problem with it during all that long session, but right after that statement from Abdul Rehman Malik, I was victimized by Google.

Ia??m not the only one in the line, thousands of Publishers has already lost their Accounts, and thousands of Publishers will lose it like others, those accounts were not only their job, but those accounts were their final hopes.

I must request to all higher authorities including Federal IT Minister to take serious action in this matter and talk to Google Authorities to stop this crack down before they ban Adsense in Pakistan.

PPP Government owed us ROTI, KAPRA & MAKAN, but the broken promised is good as a lie, I must say. We were trying to earn some money by ourselves, but that irresponsible statement from Federal Interior Minister just took away our final hopes.

Is there anyone who can take us out from this deep darkness now??

Best Regards,

Pakistani Adsense Publishers

Ito nga kaya ang dahilan kung bakit maraming naba-banned ngayon na AdSense Publisher? Ano po ang inyong opinyon?



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    Possible, siguro ung mga nag blog about the incident automatic magkakaroon ng ads related to Pakistan, kaya siguro kahit hindi Pakistani nadamay.. Pero grabe naman si google kung ganun, sana ng imbestiga muna sya ng mabuti hindi ung bigla bigla naman ngbaban ng walang sabi sabi.. Nakakaloka, buti sana kung madali lang kumita sa Adsense dba?!

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    I think people who got their account by some trick in past are banned now.
    Sadly, we couldn?t protect our country from evil deeds of some people. As a result, innocent people have to suffer. This is not the recent problem. It is carried since the resolution of Pakistan.

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