This is alarming!!!

Galing po kay xcoder ng BCO, inform ko lang kayo

Dear friends,

I have just received an e-mail stating that the personal
information in our passports are now available online due to
the move for globalized screening of entries and exits of
people in most, if not all countries.

These information have been accessed through the Schengen,
American, Australian and Asian database.

It is scary that they are doing this now.
It does not only
invade our privacy, but exposes us to danger,
if these information land on the wrong hands.
The matter that gives
me a fright is that there is no strict form of security to
access the site. One only needs to type his name and country
of citizenship and the passport’s identification page
displays. I myself tried to search and found my passport and
was totally stunned to see it.

Click mo to, passport.



  1. Desert Aquaforce says

    Lord CM, I agree with you it’s really alarming why they could get such info about you.

    I have known about this way back two to three years ago and I forwarded the email to my friends then.

    It’s good that you’re able to blog about it so that others may know and be aware about this.

    It works not only for the Machine Readable Passports but for the old passports as well.

    Good luck!

  2. RJ says

    Whew! …at ginawa pa nila akong unggoy! Ayos lang. Ako ang unggoy na narito sa temperate zone ng bansang Australia! Hahaha! o”,)

  3. mightydacz says

    sabi ko na ga ba mayayari ako dito so alarming nga kung totoo na sa online makikita na agad ang mga info mo.

    YARI KA!!!!gawin ba naman akong unggoy lol

    ang kulit grabeeeeeeeeee……lol

  4. jhosel says

    ahahaha.. buti nalang di ko name ang pinasok ko at hindi ako ang naging unggoy! lol! akala ko totoo na.. tsk tsk! ahahaha..

  5. Mr. Thoughtskoto says

    di lang ako naalarm, natakot pa ako, kaya baka mamaya wala kang kaalam alam kung ano anong kaso ang nakapasok sa database mo na wala kang kamuwang muwang. Hayyyyy, Pinoy talaga magaling sa lahat ng paraan. Pero do I have the reason that this will not be misuse and that it will be safe?

  6. Amorgatory says

    pakersheet to the max to the highest lebel bat ang ganda ko dun hahahha!!!buti pa pala ol na psport ang ganda kow hahahah

  7. ORACLE says


    Nadali ako dun ha! Lupit naman nito lordCM… Talk about gullibility to the the highest level! hahaha! auz! 🙂

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