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Forwarded email lang, tagal na nito pero sarap ulit ulitin at gamitin sa pang araw araw na buhay..

What’s better than…?

Better than being negative

Butch Jimenez, head of PLDT’s media and strategic communications
department, delivered this speech at the UP Diliman Class 2003
commencement exercises

AS college students, you’re just about to set sail into the real world. As you prepare for the battleground of life, you’ll hear many speeches, read tons of books and get miles of advice telling you to work hard, dream big, go out and do something for yourself, and have a vision.

Not bad advice, really. In fact, following these nuggets of truth may just bring you to the top. But as I’ve lived my life over the years, I have come to realize that it is great to dream big, have a vision, make a name, and work hard. But guess what: There’s something better than that.

So my message today simply asks the question, What’s better than…?

Let’s start off with something really simple. What’s better than a long
speech? No doubt, a short one. So, you guys are in luck because I do
intend to keep this short.

Now, let me take you through a very simple math exam. I’ll rattle off a
couple of equations, and you tell me what you observe about them. Be
mindful of the instructions. You are to tell me what you observe about
the equations. Here goes:

3+4=7, 9+2=1 1, 8+4=13, and 6+6=12. Tell me, what do you observe?

Every time I conduct this test, more than 90 percent of the participants
immediately say, 8+4 is NOT 13, it’s 12!

That’s true and they are correct. But they could have also observed that
the three other equations were right. That 3+4 is 7, that 9+2 is 11, and
that 6+6 is 12.

What’s my point? Many people immediately focus on the negative instead
of the positive. Most of us focus on what’s wrong with other people more
than what’s right about them.

Examine those four equations. Three were right and only one was wrong.
But what is the knee-jerk observation? The wrong equation.

If 10 people you didn’t know were to walk through that door, most of you
would describe those people by what’s negative about them. He’s fat.
He’s balding. Oh, the short one. Oh, the skinny girl . Ahhh, ‘yung pango.


Get the point? It’s always the negative we focus on and not the

You’ll definitely experience this in the corporate world. You do a
hundred good things and one mistake-guess what? Chances are, your
attention will be called on that one mistake.

So what’s better than focusing on the negative? Believe me, its focusing
on the positive. And if this world could learn to focus on the positive
more than the negative, it would be a much nicer place to live in.

Better than working hard

We have always been told to work hard. Our parents say that, our
teachers say that, and our principal says that. But there’s something
better than merely working hard. It’s working SMART.

It’s taking time to understand the situation, and coming out with an
effective and efficient solution to get more done with less time and
effort. As the Japanese say, “There’s always a better way.”

One of the most memorable case studies I came across with as I studied
Japanese management at Sophia University in Tokyo was the case of the
empty soap box, which happened in one of Japan’s biggest cosmetics

The company received a complaint that a consumer had bought a box of
soap that was empty. It immediately isolated the problem to the assembly
line, which transported all the packaged boxes of soap to the delivery
department. For some reason, one soap box went through the assembly line

Management tasked its engineers to solve the problem. Post-haste, the
engineers worked hard to devise an X-ray machine with high-resolution
monitors manned by two people to watch all the soap boxes that passed
through the line to m ake sure they were not empty. No doubt, they worked hard and they worked fast.

But a rank-and-file employee that was posed the same problem came out
with another solution. He bought a strong industrial electric fan and
pointed it at the assembly line. He switched the fan on, and as each
soap box passed the fan, it simply blew the empty boxes out of the line.

Clearly, the engineers worked hard, but the rank-and-file employee
worked smart.

So what’s better than merely working hard? It’s working smart.

Having said that, it is still important to work hard. If you could
combine both working hard and working smart, you would possess a major
factor toward success.

Better than dreaming big

I will bet my next month’s salary that many have encouraged you to dream
big. Maybe even to reach for the sta rs and aim high.

I sure heard that about a million times right before I graduated from
this university. So I did. I did dream big. I did aim high. I did reach
for the stars. No doubt, it works. In fact, the saying is true: “If you
aim for nothing, that’s exactly what you’ll hit: nothing.”

But there’s something better than dreaming big. Believe me, I got
shocked myself. And I learned it from the biggest dreamer of all time,
Walt Disney.

When it comes to dreaming big, Walt is the man. No bigger dreams were
fulfilled than his. Every leadership book describes him as the ultimate
dreamer. In fact, the principle of dreaming and achieving is the core
message of the Disney hit song, “When You Wish Upon a Star”.

“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are; anything
your heart desires will come to you. If your heart is in your dream, no
request is too extreme. When you wish upon a star, as dreamers do,” as
Jiminy Cricket sang.

But is that what he preached in the Disney company? Dream?


Well, not exactly. Kinda, but not quite. The problem with dreaming is if
that’s all you do, you’ll really get nowhere. In fact, you may just fall
asleep and never wake up.

The secret to Disney’s success is not just dreaming, it’s IMAGINEERING.

You won’t find this word in a dictionary. It’s purely a Disney word.
Those who engage in imagineering are called imagineers. The word
combines the words “imagination” and “engineering.”

In the book “Imagineers,” Disney’s CEO, Michael Eisner, claims that
“imagineers turn impossible dreams into real magic.”

Walt Disney explained there is really no secret to their approach. They
just keep moving forward-opening new doors and doing new things, because
they are curious. And it is this curiosity that leads them down new
paths. They always dream, explore and experiment. In short, imagineering
is the blending of creative imagination and technical know-how.

Eisner expounds on this thought by saying that “Not only are imagineers
curious, they are courageous, outrageous, and their creativity is

The big difference with imagineers is that they dream and then they DO!
So don’t just be a dreamer, be an imagineer.

You must have all been given a lecture at one time or another about the
importance of having a vision. Even leadership expert John Maxwell says
that an indispensable quality of a leader is to have a vision. The Bible
also makes it very clear that “Without vision, people perish.” So no
doubt about it, having a vision is important to success.

But surprise! There’s something more potent than a vision. It’s a CAUSE.
If all you’re doing is trying to reach your vision and you’re pitted
against someone fighting for a cause, chances are you’ll lose.

The Vietnam War is a classic example. Literally with sticks and stones,
the Viet Cong beat the heavily armed US Army to surrender, primarily
because the US had a vision to win the war, but the Vietnamese were
fighting for a cause.

In the realm of business, many leaders have visions of making their
company No. 1, or grabbing market share, or forever increasing profits.

Nothing really wrong with that vision, but take the example of Sony
founder Akio Morita. He did not just have a vision to build the biggest
electronics company in the world. In his biography, “Made in Japan,” h e
reveals that the real reason he set up Sony was to help rebuild his
country, which had just been battered by war. He had a cause he was
fighting for. His vision to be an electronics giant was secondary.

What’s the difference between a vision and a cause? Here’s what sets
them apart…

No one is willing to die for a vision. People will die for a cause.
You posses a vision. A cause possesses you.
A vision lies in your hands. A cause lies in your heart.
A vision involves sacrifice. A cause involves the ultimate sacrifice.

Just a word of caution. You must have the right vision, and you must be
fighting for the right cause. In the end, right will always win out.

It may take time, and it may take long. But if you have the right vision

and are fighting for the right cause, you will prevail. If not, no
matter how sincere you are, if you are not fighting for what is right,
you will ultimately fail.

Two final quotes

Allow me to end with two quotes that I have lived by ever since I
stepped out of UP.

The first comes from the Bible, which says, “To whom much is given, much
is required.”

Having been given the opportunity to study in UP, no doubt, much has
been given to you in terms of an excellent education. Don’t forget that
in return, much is now required of you to use that education not just
for yourself, but for others.

And as you move up and start reaching the pinnacle of success, even more
will be required of you to look at the welfare of others, of society and
of the country.

Though I have often dreamed of addressing any graduating class of UP
Diliman, I never really thought it would happen. Thi s brings me to the
second quote I have held close to my heart as I traverse the destiny God
has laid out for me.

“There is no destination beyond reach of one who walks with God.” My
standing in front of you today, as the youngest commencement speaker of
this esteemed university in 92 years, is proof of how true that quote

A final review:

* What’s better than focusing on the negative? Focus on the positive.
* What’s better than working hard? It’s working smart.
* What’s better than dreaming? Imagineering.
* What’s better than doing something for yourself? Doing something for
your country.
* What’s better than a vision? A cause.
* What’s better than a long speech? Definitely, a short one.

Thank you and congratulations, UP Diliman graduating class of 2003.

***Sa lahat ng Graduating Class…CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK!!!



  1. MarcoPaolo says

    waaahhh! ang haaaabbbbaaaaa!!!!

    Balik ako para magbasa… lunch lang muna ako… hehehe! teka…. copy ko na lang to parekoy! hehehe

  2. Jez says

    better than whhhaaattt!!!???

    habah habahhhhh tlga..
    nawala lang kayo sandali, pagbalik hahaba na ng mga post.

  3. A-Z-E-L says

    kung isa ako sa graduating class, malamang pakinggan ko pero kelangan may kinakaing popcorn! aheks!

    gusto ko ung part na “nega”.. tama we have to look on the positive side. dapat optimistic tayo… lahat ng bagay may paraan.

    i like the CAUSE thing… “cause” really lies inside our hearts!

    mahaba.. pero worth it!

    congrats na din sa graduates!

  4. Dhianz says

    wow.. i read it… what a great speech… that’s a really great one… aliw akoh sa mga taong magaling gumawa nang speech… actually more like mag-deliver… yeah… ‘ung talagang mapapakinig kah… kc mostly like mga graduation speech… kulang na lang matulog kah.. pero mga tipong mga ganyang speech…i guess mga real life experiences… itz makes one wanna listen more to it.. nakukuha ang atensyon nilah… great speech of him… wow… kung akoh papalakpak akoh nang bonggang bongga…eniweiz.. funny… when i was reading d’ part of speech about addition… nde koh napansin na mali palah ‘ung eight plus four… i guess i was reading it too fast… or mejo tired na akoh sa pagbabasa dahil kanina pa akoh nagbabasa san san kaya nde koh napansin… but that’s really a great message there… oo nga naman…we should focus on d’ positive instead of d’ negatives.. like sa mga tao… hayz! pinatamaan akoh don ahh… like sa manager namen.. tsk!.. asar kc eh… well okei.. hahanapan koh nang positive.. lolz… well akoh naman more on positive na taoh… i don’t judge people right away… asar lang akoh ‘ung mga taong may attitude problem… but still as much as possible i don’t judge them cuz i don’t think i have right to… dat reminds me too ‘ung example non… there was a paper na pinakitah and merong dot na itim na maliit sa papel… and tinanong sa audience kung anong nakikita sa papel… sabi ‘un meron daw dot sa papel… pero nde nilah napansin… na maputing maputi ‘ung papel.. at walang gusot… eniweiz.. same point… mabilis kc naten makitah agad kung anong negatives… and true kahit million of good things ang ginawa moh sa tao… may magawa ka lang nang isang pagkakamali eh ‘ung ang maaalala nilah… eniweiz… move on akoh… luv d’ story abouyt d’ working hard and working smart… ang galing ahh… oo nga naman electric fan lang… galing noh… mas way creative at mas way cheaper compare sa ginawa nang kabilah… sabi nga nilah sa buhay… minsan kelangan lang nang diskarte… sometimes itz not really all about education… itz about kung pano kah didiskarte sa buhay… i could talk forever here dahil isang example dyan eh nanay koh… pero nde nah… diz is long as it is… obvious bah?…wehe… and imagineer that… madalas kong napapanood yang commercial na yan sa disney non… true… lately walah akong lists of goals.. so walah akong nararating… nung lately mejo tinatamad at parang nawawala akoh sa takbo nang buhay… pero through this post…i learned somethin’… yeah imagine and do somethin’ about it…. nde lang dream nang dream at walang action… itz kinda like… pray nang pray kay God tapos nakatunganga lang… ahh reminds me of my ate non… lagi syang nagprapray before exam nyah… pero nde naman syah nag-aaral..then book nilalagay lang nyah sa ilalim nang unan… haha… para daw pumasok sa yutakz.. lolz.. syempre ano pah.. eh di fail sa exam… sabi nga.. nasa Dyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa… kaya siguro nde mabigay ni God ‘ung ibang mga blessings saken latey cuz i’m not doin’ anyhin’ about it… hayz… sendali.. ang tanong… what’z better than long koment? Definitely, a short one. hahaha… ‘yeah.. kaya hihinto nah akoh… kc like i said.. i could go on forever here…. hihiritangz koh lahat nyan… pero hwag nah… great post and a great email to u kuya CM… salamat… i learned somethin’ from d’ post…sabi sau eh magbabasa akoh eh… akoh fah… pag sinipag akoh masipag akoh… pag tinamad akoh… eh sobrang tamad… minsan to the extreme eh…tsk!… aliw naman akoh sa long post eh… lalo na siguro kung kaw lang nagkuwento at ganyan kahaba… ‘un… masaya ‘un.. lolz… sige nah.. i’m out.. epal na masyado.. laterz… Godbless! -di

  5. Mr. Thoughtskoto says

    namuti na ang mata ko sa kababasa ng maliliit na font ni prof pajay, nagyon naman, humihilab na ang tiyan ko pero natapos din, sa mahabang post na ito, speech pala..hehe

    dinagdagan pa ng mahabang comment ni dhianz, isang libong kilometro bago ako nakarating sa comment form, hehehe

    pero, angkop na angkop ang tema, sa mga graduating friends and…bloggers,,, hehehe meron ba?

    Tama we must always be positive, but from time to time check on the negatives para macorrect at macheck…

  6. Amorgatory says

    ggraduate ka palang pare?hahaha…lol..wla lang gustow ko tumawa eh,pare nosebleed akow super english heheh..wla lang dumaan lang akow bago akow matutulog parekoy, welcomeback!hope ure doing good na!!Godbless!!

  7. The Pope says

    Mahaba man at magaling, may isang nagkomento na mahaba rin;

    Medyo naduling ako sa pagbabasa, pero kapuripuri ang hatid na mensahe ng talumpati ni Butch Jimenez. Naangkop hindi lamang sa mga graduationg students kundi sa pagkalahan.

    Be positive and work smart.

  8. poging (ilo)CANO says

    uhaw ang haba naman yan kumpare…hindi kinaya ng ilong ko…dumugo…as in na dumugo tlga….

    mamamasyal na lang kami ni charice sa park…lolz.

    sa mga graduating studs…..congrats sa inyo…wag niyo na akong icongrats kasi tapos na ako…hahahaha..

  9. Chyng says

    thanks for sharing! mahilig ako magbasa ng ganito eh. have you read gokongwei’s speech nung ad congress? favorite ko yun.

    nabasa ko na din sa email yung empty soap and electric fan, dito pala galing yun!

  10. Nebz says

    I love the speech. First time ko nabasa to dito. Siguro next year ko pa marereceive sa email. Hehehe.

    I agree with Butch Jimenez’s points especially ung focusing on the negative and working smart instead of hard.

    Siempre most especially ung pagkakaroon ng cause instead of a vision. Kaya pala pumatok ang negosyo ni Paul Newman. Dahil lahat ng proceeds nya, inilaan nya sa kawanggawa.

  11. Desert Aquaforce says

    A very worthwhile post… Sulit kahit na mahaba. Though the speech was delivered around 6 years ago, its message is timeless and not justlimited to the iskolars ng bayan audience. It’s timely for all!

    Lord CM, isa ka bang Tibo na sumasakay sa ikot at toki?

  12. RJ says

    Pakiramdam ko, graduation ko ngayon. Maganda ang talumpating ito, kahit sa mga matagl nang nagtapos ay applicable pa rin. U

  13. BlogusVox says

    That’s a short speech? I wonder what’s a long speech to him looks like. But I like what he said about looking on the positive side, dreaming and vision with a cause.

  14. jhosel says

    wow. ang galing ng speech nia. so inspiring! haisk. i couldn’t agree more. tama lahat ng points nia. most people really do look on the negatives first bago ang mga positive. i wont deny may times na ganyan din ako. para kasing naging natural flaw ng mga tao ang pagpuna ng kung anong negative and sometimes its hard for them na baguhin ang ganyang perspective. nevertheless, mas magaan talaga ang life if we’ll look at the positive things na nanyayari sa atin.. sabi nga ni santino, mas madami pa din ang nangyayaring maganda kesa sa pangit. ang galing nung pakapresent niya sa equations.
    i love the example on working hard vs working smart. narinig ko na din yan dati somewhere.. minsan talaga may mga bagay na ang kelangan lang ay common sense and di na kelangan pang icomplicate ito, madalas din ang simpleng problema ay nagiging complicated because we tend to think too much. teka, lumalayo na ata ako sa working smart. ahehe. basta yun, common sense. ahehe. bagong knowledge sakin yung imagineering ah.. ill take it. tama siya, ang dream ay mananatiling dream without action. and panalo yung vision vs. cause! haisk naku. ang ganda talaga nito. naaliw ako. pacopy ah. pwede tong magamit sa mga LTS namin..

    hmm.. tama na at pati ata comment ay pahabaan na din. lol. nahawa ata ako kay sis dhi. ahehe.

    okie. salamat sa speech na ito. god bless! aw, kamusta na pala problema mo? sana ay okay na. ill pray for u na din. 🙂

  15. =supergulaman= says

    waaaa…ang haba…ahahaha….pero mas madugo koment ni dhianz…walang space yun… ahahaha…adik lang… ahehehe… basta ito masabi ko…

    “CONGRATS! sa lahat ng gragradweyt… :)”

  16. Dylan Dimaubusan says

    I have to be honest I didn’t have much time to read the novel, este the speech. Mga ganito kasi mas masarap pakinggan.. Yung may force yung mga salitang naririnig. Mas malakas impact eh…

    But I can clearly say na hindi lang ako dreamer, I’m an imagineer.

    Kakatuwa, sana nasa harap ako ni Mr. Jimenez nung sinasabi nya mga yun. Alam ko rin yung kwento ng Disney na ‘yun..

    Cheers CM. Hope you’re feeling good, doing good and looking good!

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